Miniature Horsemanship Lessons 
& Mini Day Camp
Sarah and Jadie girl Happy faces and happy hearts make us smile
In the Spring of 2001  Amore' Miniature Horsemanship Day Camp
 Became a reality, 
With the desire in our hearts to see children and adults 
come to know the special relationship a person can have 
with the magnificent horse.
Our desire was formed on the calm, relaxed understanding 
of the physiology of the horse.

Sarah and Annie enjoying the foals.
Miniature Horsemanship Day Camp is based on 
 SAFE HANDLING of the horse and SAFE Interaction with horses.
We offer different levels of education,
 based on the child or adults level of experience. 
   We offer one day lesson Saturdays 
Summer Day Camp is held on Tuesday & Wednesday 
Our 2015 dates are listed above
       We can adjust our camp days to accommodate our clients needs.
  A small list of knowledge gained
Safe Handling, Leading and Working Together as a team, 
Grooming, Anatomy of the horse, General health care 
 Vaccinations needed, Dental care, Worming
 Hoof care and annual tests horses need.
We can also add to any lesson program.. Exercising the horse, 
Round Pen training, Clipping, Show Prep, 
Presenting the halter horse and driving horse.
Hands on learning  lasts a lifetime.    The joy & smiles ~ Last Forever
Miniature Horsemanship Day Camp each child or adult has their own horse "buddy" to enjoy during the Lesson Session, it is beautiful to see the relationships that have formed with both the horses and myself. We have seen children & adults bloom into confident individuals through our hands on training and guidance.
    Miniature Horsemanship Lessons and Mini Day Camp is packed with educational information from hands on horse ownership to building confidence through a relationship with the horse. We can take you from a beginner to a showperson to the National Level.
 Instruction is based on group's level of need

 *** Available Now ***
ADULT CLASSES  Held Thursday Evening's 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Adult one on one Lessons in the Miniature Horse Industry from 
Selecting and Buying ~ Showing and Presentation ~ 
Breeding and Foaling Out the Miniature Horse 
A Nice Evening Out making friends and learning something new

   ** Lessons **
Private Instruction on Presenting and Showing Your Miniature Horse to Achieve Your Personal Best in the Show Ring 
Lessons at your location or ours ~ Please call of appointment

        !!!  4 - H Miniature Horse Lessons!!!
             Learn to properly present your horse per AMHR Rules 

****** FALL of 2015 ******
Daisies/  Brownies  / JR Girl Scout /  Girl Scout  
    Horse Fan Badge Clinic Sessions 
 Call for details 

     Janice Silvio 
               ASPC , AMHR, ASPR & AMHA  Senior Carded Judge
        and a long time Professional in the Miniature Horse Industry
       Contact us for ANY & ALL of your miniature horse needs, 
      Honest help and guidance delivered  to individuals in any level of ability 

 Affordable & Fun
HELPFUL & Ton's of information  
about the Wonderful World of Miniature Horses
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Since 12-14-02

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2015 Summer Camp Dates
 June 16th & 17th 
June 23rd & 24th 
           June 30th &  July 1st      
   July 7th & 8th      
    July  14th & 15th  
July 21st & 22nd 
July 28th & 29th     
 Aug 4th & 5th    
  Aug 11th & 12th   
   Aug 18th & 19th     
Aug 25th & 26th 
Sept 1st & 2nd 

Saturday One Day Lesson's 
April 25th 
May 2
June 27th 
Aug 8th